So I’ve been thinking about this whole Kim Kardashian situation and here’s the deal:
she’s glitter, y’all.
Glitter is very FU@%ING annoying because it seems to never, ever go away…but hey. It’s pretty and has its usefulness, right? Little girls love it. It is ALWAYS stuck to something black. It pops up everywhere, even places you don’t think it should be…like on your desk at work, or at the commentator’s desk at the Super Bowl. And as aggravating as it is, at the end of the day? It’s just cheap decoration. You know what they say about all that glitters…so, let her be shiny and tacky. As much as we may hate it, glitter, unfortunately, ain’t going nowhere. Just don’t buy it and bring it into your house, because glitter is the herpes of crafting supplies, and once it’s in your house…it gets on everything. Especially your kids. Don’t let glitter get on your kids. Please.

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Out of Egypt?

WHYYYY?!?! Like…I’m sure every actor in here is a fine actor. Hell, I like John Tuturro. But I am not here for this bulls#it a$$ movie looking like they poured bleach on everybody in Egypt. NOT HERE FOR IT. History is a real thing, and if you are too lazy to stay true to it, then you don’t deserve to tell it. Period. WHY CAN’T YOU TELL THE STORY RIGHT, HOLLYWOOD?!?! THIS IS WHAT PERPETUATES THE SYSTEM OF RACISM IN OUR WORLD. Got Africans over there bleaching their damn skin because money and popularity tells them that THIS is what they SHOULDA looked like.
Did Ridley Scott even bother to Google where Egypt was? Did he bother to look at Egyptian Art, Egyptian History, Egyptian Hieroglyphics, just…none of it? You took the Charlton Heston version and went “Yes, seems legit. Remake that, but bigger. More fighting.” Like, you couldn’t even send them to the tanning booth?!? DA. FU@% BRUH. I’m not even watching this when it comes on TNT, dude. SMMFH


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Somebody come and look at this. LOOK AT IT!! This is an abomination. A slap in the face to southern grandmamas, to Mexican grandmamas, to cast iron skillets, to hot water, hell, even Jiffy gotta be pissed about this. Pumpkin, you have gone TOO. GOTDOGGONE. FAR. White people, it’s time for an intervention. You gotta reign this s#it in, yo. We know y’all think it’s ok, and you think you can stop whenever you want…but your obsession is affecting everyone’s life negatively in the following ways: we’re completely inundated with orange colored boxes, bags, and wrappers on every aisle. We can’t go anywhere–ANYWHERE–without seeing pumpkin. It’s too much, dude. No other food has bullied other foods into taking on its properties like pumpkin, and y’all are the ONLIEST ones perpetuating this bad behavior. You let pumpkin run amuck and take over other foods’ time to shine, because pumpkin alone is gross, weird, and boring. Pumpkin is riding the backs of good foods to stardom. Pumpkin made one good latte in the right coffee shop, a few ok pastries, now it thinks it runs things. Pumpkin is the Lena Dunham of foods and I am not here for it. ENOUGH IS ENOUGH. Call your cousins, and tell them to cut it out. CUT IT OUT!!
‪#‎DownWithPumpkin‬ ‪#‎TeamSweetPotato4LIFE‬


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I voted. I can complain.

Politics make me so tired. Mainly because it is terribly evident that at least 70-75% of the American public doesn’t actually understand how our government works.
The elections today were far more important than the presidential election, yet only a fraction of the people who came out in 2008/2012 showed up, people didn’t know who or what was on the ballot, and because they didn’t stand up and show out, they have allowed the GOP to control both the senate and the house for the last two years of a democratic presidency.
The same GOP that stalled damn near every piece of legislation on the table for 4 years because they were too busy trying to oppose the PPCA. Wasting. Time. and Playing. Games.
The same GOP that voted to not give women equal pay for equal work.
The same GOP that doesn’t want women to control their own bodies.
The same GOP that thinks people can actually survive off of $7.25 an hour in 2014. 

We, the People–as a collective–are dumb as hell. Voting against your own best interest just to pledge allegiance to a party that hates a Black president. I truly understand why dictatorships are the rule in other countries–and I can’t say I blame them. Hell, would YOU trust a nation of idiots to run it successfully? SMH

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Dearest Friends,
I subjected my taste buds to Coca-Cola Life so you wouldn’t have to.

It is DISGUSTING. Kill it all with fire.

I actually chose this over a Diet Dr. Pepper. I’m so ashamed. So very ashamed.  #TryAnythingOnce

Seriously…this s#it is gross.


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Me:  “Please stop doing this to me. It’s offensive, makes me uncomfortable, challenges my rights and personhood.”

Them: “But we’ve always done this.”

Me:  “I know, and it’s always been a problem, so I’m asking you to stop.”

Them:  “But, it’s not hurting anything.”

Me:  “No, it actually does hurt me, and countless others. Here are 12,684,597 links to editorials, charts, graphs, news stories, statistics, surveys, and op-eds to prove it.”

Them:  “Nah, I think you’re overreacting.”

Me:  “Did you read the info provided in the link?”

Them:  “They’re overreacting too.”

Me:  “Why is this genuine reaction so hard for you to accept?”

Them:  “Because it changes the way *I* have to think/feel/act and I don’t want to do that.” (never said, but what I suspect is the problem.)

What’s actually said:

Them:  “Because you’re overreacting! And here’s a tangential comment that has nothing to do with the issue we were actually talking about!!”

Every conversation about racism and sexism I’ve ever had via social media.
Every. Single. One. SMMFH

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Are you do-do?

What people *should* do and what they *actually* do are two completely different things. So ask yourself what kind of person you are: a should-do…or a do-do.

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