So I’ve been thinking about this whole Kim Kardashian situation and here’s the deal:
she’s glitter, y’all.
Glitter is very FU@%ING annoying because it seems to never, ever go away…but hey. It’s pretty and has its usefulness, right? Little girls love it. It is ALWAYS stuck to something black. It pops up everywhere, even places you don’t think it should be…like on your desk at work, or at the commentator’s desk at the Super Bowl. And as aggravating as it is, at the end of the day? It’s just cheap decoration. You know what they say about all that glitters…so, let her be shiny and tacky. As much as we may hate it, glitter, unfortunately, ain’t going nowhere. Just don’t buy it and bring it into your house, because glitter is the herpes of crafting supplies, and once it’s in your house…it gets on everything. Especially your kids. Don’t let glitter get on your kids. Please.

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