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putting my mouth where the money is.

Riddle me this friends: What would you sacrifice, for justice? Would you stand with a proposed boycott until the pleas of the oppressed were met? Would you forego holiday shopping outside of essential items (food, toiletries, gas) to make a … Continue reading

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where there’s smoke…sometimes it’s just hot air blowing against cooler heads.

BENGHAZI!! TALK ABOUT BENGHAZI!! WE WANT TO KNOW ABOUT BENGHAZI!! You do? Oh, ok. Fox News released an article about the findings of the investigation on their website yesterday. Here you go: ” A two-year investigation by the Republican-controlled House … Continue reading

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Aw, I always feel sorry for Thanksgiving. It’s like the middle child of holidays. I still love you, TG. You’re the only holiday that doesn’t judge me for eating my weight in casseroles and pies over a 2 hour period. … Continue reading

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Why this is a thing.

Hey there! ¬†So, this blog is going to be the way I share my FB ramblings with those outside of my friend list, and a way to catalogue my thoughts easier. ¬†Scrolling through endless posts on FB to find a … Continue reading

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So I’ve been thinking about this whole Kim Kardashian situation and here’s the deal: she’s glitter, y’all. Glitter is very FU@%ING annoying because it seems to never, ever go away…but hey. It’s pretty and has its usefulness, right? Little girls … Continue reading

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Out of Egypt?

WHYYYY?!?! Like…I’m sure every actor in here is a fine actor. Hell, I like John Tuturro. But I am not here for this bulls#it a$$ movie looking like they poured bleach on everybody in Egypt. NOT HERE FOR IT. History … Continue reading

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Somebody come and look at this. LOOK AT IT!! This is an abomination. A slap in the face to southern grandmamas, to Mexican grandmamas, to cast iron skillets, to hot water, hell, even Jiffy gotta be pissed about this. Pumpkin, … Continue reading

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