Sly Assed Fox.

Listen…all my church folk, grown folk, and relatives I don’t want to offend? Stop reading right now. Because I can’t be bothered with maintaining my religion or ladylike ways in my comment on this bovine excrement. So scroll away, right now. I’m about to cuss and fuss and say things my mama would punish me for. Don’t say I didn’t warn you.

I HATE THESE FUCKING IDIOTS. IF YOUR DUMB ASS IS STILL WATCHING FOX NEWS, YOU ARE PART OF THE PROBLEM. IF YOU KNOW PEOPLE WHO WATCH THESE HATEFUL ASSED BIGOTS, AND YOU DON’T TRY WITH ALL YOUR MIGHT TO MAKE THEM STOP, YOU ARE PART OF THE PROBLEM. THIS IS FUCKING RIDICULOUS. Witch doctors? BITCH, DID YOU JUST SAY WITCH DOCTORS?!??! I can’t even BEGIN to understand how these people sleep at night, let alone get PAID for this shit. THEY ARE FEARMONGERING TO THE UNINTELLIGENT AND THAT IS DANGEROUS. It is not only promoting hate, alarm, worry, and suspicion, it is creating an atmosphere for panic and hysteria. I wish there were a way we could dismantle this fucking network, without loss of life, livelihood, or income to those that work behind the scenes that have nothing to do with this vitriol. Folks like the camera crew, the craft services people, the janitorial staff, the people in HR–those people have nothing to do with this bullshit. But these on-air personalities? ESPECIALLY THE MINORITY ONES? They are demons from the lowest pits of hell. I WISH I could have Mike Tyson-ed her ass on air. These people HAVE TO GO. This NETWORK HAS TO GO.

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