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Me:  “Please stop doing this to me. It’s offensive, makes me uncomfortable, challenges my rights and personhood.” Them: “But we’ve always done this.” Me:  “I know, and it’s always been a problem, so I’m asking you to stop.” Them:  “But, … Continue reading

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Are you do-do?

What people *should* do and what they *actually* do are two completely different things. So ask yourself what kind of person you are: a should-do…or a do-do.

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Wild Things

Attention: A bobcat is on the loose in the TriState area (Jersey to be specific). A bobcat. FOR THE SIXTH TIME. If you want to keep wild/exotic pets, I need you to KEEP THEM. As in, TO YOURSELF.  AT YOUR … Continue reading

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The more you know. *shooting star*

Police–citizen encounters In the United States, interactions between police and citizens fall into three general categories: consensual (“contact” or “conversation”), detention (often called a Terry stop, after Terry v. Ohio, 392 U.S. 1 (1968)), or arrest. “Stop and identify” laws … Continue reading

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I often question whether or not social media has made us more aware of stupid people, or if people are just becoming more stupid over time. Someone on one of my FB friend’s posts answered thusly, and I have to … Continue reading

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Sly Assed Fox.

Listen…all my church folk, grown folk, and relatives I don’t want to offend? Stop reading right now. Because I can’t be bothered with maintaining my religion or ladylike ways in my comment on this bovine excrement. So scroll away, right … Continue reading

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Calm the fu@% down, people.

Is it stupid that I’m more scared of catching the flu than ebola? No. Because SCIENCE IS REAL AND I’M NOT IN DANGER. Everyone please calm the f#c% down with the alerts and newsflashes and that red outlined, “scary” picture … Continue reading

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