Everybody stop hitting everybody.

Women: if you’re in a relationship with a man that puts his hands on you, he will keep putting his hands on you until you’re not there for him to put his hands on no more. ‪#‎LeaveOrDie‬

Men: if you’re in a relationship with a woman who puts her hands on you, the truth you need to realize is this: our society does not expect or require women to play fair in physical altercations with men, even if she started it. Is it fair? No. Is it right? No. But it is what it is. You will be crucified if you defend yourself physically because we have been incorrectly taught that men should never hit the opposite sex ever ever ever even if we stab them with rusty screwdrivers. So leave her crazy ass if you don’t possess the fortitude of Jesus and think that maybe one day as she’s attacking you, you might hit her ass back. ‪#‎LeaveOrGoToJail‬

Everybody: KEEP YOUR MUFUGGIN HANDS TO YOUR MUHFUGGIN SELVES. PERIOD. If you, as an adult, do not possess the self restraint to not hit another adult, you need to seek help and not be in a relationship until you’re well. It is absolutely a natural, animalistic reaction to want to rage, hit, kick and scream in certain emotional situations–it is the mark of human societal evolution that keeps us from doing so and causing harm to others.

We really need to change the conversation in this country about domestic violence. There is a COMPLETE difference between domestic abuse and a fight, and we are selective as to what we recognize as one or the other. Don’t believe me? Question: if this exact same situation happened with Michael Sam and his boyfriend, in the exact same way, whose side would you be on? Or would it have been “just a fight”? ‪#‎StopPerpetuatingIncorrectNarratives‬‪ #‎IfYouDontKnowThesePeopleStopSpeculatingOnTheirHousehold‬

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